7 Creative Video Editing Techniques and Cuts


While directing and filming are very important and the most essential parts of filmmaking, editing brings it all together in a digestible and entertaining format. In the video tutorial below I break down seven different video editing techniques you can use in your next video.

To see these techniques in action, watch the video below.


  1. Match Cut: This cut matches two clips together based on composition, camera angle, and/or action. This is a simple and singular edit and requires much attention to direction and filming before you place it in your timeline.

  2. Jump Cut: A Jump Cut is created by cutting out frames and section of time from one camera angle to show the passing of time, to cut out boring clips or for a comedic effect.

  3. J Cut: This is formed when the audio of CLIP B is begins to play while we still see CLIP A.

  4. L Cut: This is formed when the audio of CLIP A bridges into CLIP B.

  5. Smash Cut: A smash cut, like a match cut, is one singular cut between two scenes of contrast. Typically a Smash cut goes from a quiet scene to a loud scene abruptly.

  6. Cross Cutting: Cross cutting is a technique that cuts back and forth between two different scenes occurring at the same time.

  7. Cutting on Action: Cutting on Action is a basic editing technique to cut together multiple camera angles of the same action.