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Christopher Kelley, Co-Founder ProductionCrate

"Since partnering with PremiereGal, we have seen a significant boost in our membership signups and community interaction. PremiereGal continues to grow a large presence within the film and video making community, we are excited to be a part of it."


Emile Ben-Atar, Affiliate Associate at Envato Pty. Ltd.

"I stumbled across Kelsey's channel which instantly drew me in through the light hearted and witty approach she adopts. Premiere Gal is far from 'just another YouTuber' or Motion Graphic editor but  someone who has immense passion for the niche which comes across in each and every video she creates. Working with Kelsey has been nothing but a pleasure, her creative thinking to 'problem solving' means that what ever the challenge, she'll deliver on it! We look forward to building a life long partnership whilst watching her following and presence flourish for many years to come."


Casper Neumann Svanemose, International Marketing Manager at LogicKeyboard

"I discovered Kelsey’s PremiereGal Youtube profile a few weeks after she published it. Instantly I was intrigued. I thought to myself “Here is a gal, who really understands how to talk to her audience”, and I knew that she would have great success building her videos and follower base. Kelsey is one of those people who you just “click” with, she is very easy to work with, extremely friendly and very fair. I would recommend everyone to work with Kelsey, both as a video contributor but also as a co-operator for launching new products, and getting her opinion on things. Thanks for being awesome Kelsey, and keep up the good work!."


Hayley Jordan, Digital Marketing at Wipster

“Kelsey was brilliant to work with. Very friendly, helpful, and knew exactly what we as a client wanted. Kelsey produced a gorgeous training video of very high quality for our users. It matched our brand and was instrumental in training our users and driving new traffic to our website. She understands digital marketing and the importance of SEO, advertising, and promoting online. She has a strong online presence which can only be a huge advantage for people working with her. I really look forward to working with Kelsey again and would recommend her to anyone looking for product training, editing training, or general promotional activities in the video production industry.”



Jürgen Reinlein, Chief Marketing Office (CMO) at fayteq

"Kelsey did some tutorials for our product and a lovely live interview @NAB1017 at our booth – we really enjoyed it! Kelsey is very focused and reliable – and always super pleasant. We absolutely love her humor and her style in the tutorials. Also, her social media audience is honoring and appreciative.  We would highly recommend working with her!" 


John Parker, Senior Marketing Manager at FilmConvert

Kelsey approached us to do a video review of FilmConvert’s software - she was great to work with, and the video was professional, fun, and a great showcase of our product and her talents. Thanks Kelsey!



The Premiere Gal YouTube channel launched on July 17, 2016. It now has 3,800,000 views, 85,000+ YouTube subscribers and is growing at around 6,500+ subs per month! It's an exciting time to become a Premiere Gal partner.

Why should you become a partner?

  • Premiere Gal is a unique brand. Many tutorials out there are too complex and intimidating for beginners. Bottom line: Premiere Gal makes learning an easy and fun process!

  • Premiere Gal turns viewers and followers into buyers and fans of your product or brand.

Types of Partnership Opportunities: 

  • Video Ads & Marketing: If you want to increase exposure to your product or service, Premiere Gal can create practical and entertaining video ADs and tutorials for you.

  • Giveaways: Let's set up some banner ads, a social media plan, and an affiliate partnership.

  • Online Influencing: Have a product you want to sale? Let's set up an affiliate program and a social media plan.

  • Create Your Own: Gal is open to creating a partnership that is mutually beneficial, so fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon!

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Chris Small,  Director of Marketing at Soundstripe

Kelsey has built an impressive community around her tutorials and education platform. We were humbled when she asked to interview Soundstripe at the NAB conference earlier this year. She is great to work with and look forward to partnering with her more in the future.