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Premiere Gal Media is a video production and marketing company specializing in YouTube video editing tutorials, full length educational courses, promotional videos and motion graphics.

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Kelsey Brannan

Founder, Creative Director & Premiere Gal

Kelsey Brannan is the founder of Premiere Gal Media. She started the Premiere Gal YouTube channel in August 2016 with a passion for teaching video editing, production and all things media! Her mission is to give learners the tools that will inspire them to create better videos and to produce high quality video content for her clients. 

Kelsey has been making videos and motion graphics for over 10 years. Formerly, Kelsey was the Senior Video Editor and Videographer for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. In September of 2017, Kelsey chose to quit her full time job to pursue Premiere Gal Media Full Time.  

Kelsey has a B.A. in Film & Media Studies from UC Santa Barbara  and an M.A. in Documentary Filmmaking & Marketing from Georgetown University. 


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Anna Wieckowska    Content Strategy and Videography

Anna Wieckowska 

Content Strategy and Videography

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