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"I'm trying to get a free template from your store and it's still asking for my credit card info."

You do not need to enter your credit card info for free items, however, you do need to add your name and your mailing address. Leave the credit card info blank and you can add in any address you want, then click purchase. 

What are affiliate links?

Premiere Gal is an affiliate for several video content, equipment and software companies. When you click on an affiliate link, Premiere Gal earns a small commission of the sale. Premiere Gal only recommends sites that she highly uses and encourages.

What is the difference between a sponsor & a partner?

A sponsor must give $1,000+ money and is an investor in business.

A partner is an organization that provided a free product or provided marketing support for Premiere Gal tutorials.


How do I become a sponsor?

Fill out the sponsorship application here


How do I become a partner?

Fill out the partnership application here


How do I become a contributor (blogger or Video tutorial maker) for Premiere Gal?

Fill out the Premiere Gal blogger application here


How do I donate to Premiere Gal?

You can donate on Patreon or make a direct PayPal donation on our donation page of the Premiere Gal Website.