How to Create a Lightning Strike in Adobe Premiere Pro

In this tutorial you will learn how to composite rain and smoke and produce a realistic bolt of lightning in Premiere Pro CC using BorisFX plugins. BorisFX is a plugin for Adobe software that includes a variety of creative tools for editing, visual effects, and motion graphics.

The BorisFX effects you need to use to achieve a realistic lightning strike are the following:

  • BCC Rain

  • BCC Particle Illusion for Smoke

  • Sapphire S_Zap for Lightning

  • BCC Invert Solarize for flash

  • BCC Brightness & Contract for lightning intensity

The effects can appear to be quite complex when you first open the parameters in, but the video tutorial below breaks it down step-by-step. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below.

⬇️Download Demo Footage & Project Files to follow along with the tutorial (Instructions included)

Get BorisFX for Free

For a *watermark free* 30 day trial of 2019 BorisFx Continuum and Sapphire effects, use code: premieregal ➡️Go to the BorisFX store and then choose host as "Multihost" and purchase option as "30 day subscription". Add to cart and checkout using the coupon code "premieregal". Licenses and installing instructions will be emailed. The trial is good for 30 days of Continuum and Sapphire, and the coupon code expires on 03/11/19 (if the coupon code is deactivated contact BorisFX and ask them if they will make a unique exception after watching the video).