Musicbed Announces Subscription Model

Musicbed is now offering unlimited music membership plans so independent filmmakers, small teams and YouTubers can find high quality music at a low price. There are already many subscription based music sites on the market, so what makes Musicbed different?

Highly Curated Music & Intuitive Search

You don't have to search for hours on end to find a good track because Musicbed has curated our roster to only have incredible emerging indie artists + leading composers. They’ve already done the digging for you so you don’t have to.

Artists like Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, CAPPA, Stella Mwangi, and Beleaf, and amazing composers like Tony Anderson, Ryan Taubert, Chad Lawson, and more.

Browse tools like genre, mood, lyrical / instrumental, and include / exclude, as well as advanced filters like key, BPM, and more to help you narrow it down. You can also add favorites and projects to keep track of the songs you love. You can also collaborate and invite people to your projects to find music and leave comments.

If you like, reach out to Musicbed and people on their team are dedicated to helping you search for the perfect song (for free). Just send reference tracks, genres, vibes, and they’ll do the rest!

Also, Musicbed’s iOS app is made to keep you inspired on the go and keep track of the songs you love. (Working on developing an android app as well.)

NOT Royalty-Free

This means that means Musicbed has access to and signs higher quality artists and composers. Want to hear the quality? Listen here.

Artists like these have never been available in a subscription model.
— MusicBed

Musicbed is making incredible artists and composers accessible in a subscription for the first time. Membership allows you to get unlimited access to Musicbed's artists, starting at just $9.99/month for YouTube / Personal projects.

Up until now it’s been huge production libraries or major labels doing deals behind the scenes. Musicbed is making these indie artists and composers accessible through a subscription for the first time. Musicbed can do this because they’ve built trust over that last 6 years with labels and artists through their licensing with agencies, filmmakers, and big brands.

On YouTube, you will get flagged, but you’ll also be cleared seamlessly with SyncID. (Takes less than an hour, typically a few minutes.)

Cool, but how does it work?

If you have a Creator / YouTube Membership:

On Musicbed, connect your YouTube account, download as many tracks as you want and through SyncID, Musicbed will automatically clear it — streamlined, easy, automatic. What’s SyncID? A technology Musicbed built to clear things in the background so you never have to worry about it. (Basically, it’s magic.)

And, yes, you can monetize.

If you have any Membership that isn’t Creator / YouTube:

Download as many tracks as you want when you log in, but just remember to go back and log your licenses on Musicbed once you decide what you want. If you know you or your client wants to upload to YouTube, grab a SyncID from your account. Once you have your SyncID, copy / paste it into your description or the Content ID claim you receive.

Licensing options for every type of creative.

● Need a subscription option for your Wedding business? They have Membership.

● Need one-off licensing for that huge commercial you're working on? Done. (And you'll get 25% off if you have a Membership.)

Musicbed wants to provide you (and all creators) with creative breakthrough — not just with music, but also with their conference (Film + Music), blog, films, magazine, and more.

What next? Learn how to make your music auto-duck to voice audio in Premiere Pro. Watch below.


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