5-Pack Halloween Sound FX

5-Pack Halloween Sound FX


This Halloween Sound FX pack includes the following sounds:

  1. Evil Witch Cackle (.mp3, .aiff, .wav)
  2. Demon Growl Close up (.mp3, .aiff, .wav)
  3. Demon Cry Distant (.mp3, .aiff, .wav)
  4. Women Screaming (.mp3, .aiff, .wav)
  5. Woman Locked in a Trunk (.mp3, .aiff, .wav) 

You can use these effects to create a spooky soundtrack in your video or for a haunted house. All three audio types are included for each sound, .mp3, .aiff, .wav. 

Recorded at the Premiere Gal studio. 

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Listen to the sounds from the pack here: