Motion Graphics Templates in After Effects Course!

This week I launched the first lesson to my new Essential Graphics Course in After Effects CC. The course is designed for beginners to After Effects who want to start building Motion Graphics Templates, but do not have the expression (java script) skills to make them.

The course is free on my YouTube channel and new lessons will be published each week, all of which build on each other. By the end of the course you will be confident in beginning to build your own Motion Graphics Templates (.mogrt) to sell on Adobe Stock!

If you find this content useful, please do help me continue the free course by becoming a monthly donating patron here. I have lots of perks for my patrons, such as free monthly templates and expedited assistance to editing questions! Many thanks in advance and enjoy the course!

LESSON 1: Auto-Resize Rectangle Shapes to Adapt to Text Size

In this first video below, you will learn how to use the following expression to make a rectangle resize and respond to the size and length of the text:

title = thisComp.layer("Rectangle").sourceRectAtTime();padding = effect("Padding")("Slider");[title.width + padding, title.height + padding]

Watch Lesson One!

Download course project files here with my dropbox link: 

Lesson 2: Introduction to the Essential Graphics Panel and Color Controls