Here's What You Missed: NAB 2017 #AskGal Live Streams!

1. No more painful camera matching

FilmConvert is working on a new product called "Cinematch." It's a post-production tool to help you achieve a consistent look when using multiple cameras. It's set to release in November 2017 and will be a game changer for people who shoot multi-cam in different locations at different times of the day. Sign up on to receive release updates. 

2. Unlimited high-quality music for just $10/month

SoundStripe is based in Nashville, TN and is the most affordable, high-quality music library for film on the market. At only $10/month, their library includes high-quality tracks from Nashville-based musicians, many of whom are friends and family of the co-founders—Micah Sannan, Travis Terrell and Trevor Hinesley (all musicians themselves).

Get 10% off with my code: GAL10 

 Re-watch my LIVE interview with FilmConvert & SoundStripe below. 

3. Say hi to .MOGRT!

.mogrt or yogurt? That is the question.

.mogrt or yogurt? That is the question.

Adobe Premiere Pro now has .MOGRT files, which stand for Motion Graphics Templates. These can include text, graphics or shapes and can be made with the new Essential Graphics Panel. You can install .MOGRT files directly into the Essential Graphics Panel. 

4. The essential drive for #Shreditors

LaCie is releasing an awesome drive for #Shreditors (Shooters, Editors, and Producers) this summer called the 2 Big dock Thunderbolt 3. Essentially, it's a drive that doubles as a docking station, letting you connect your media and free up your laptop ports. Here's what it has: 

  • Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • One USB 3.1 port
  • One display port
  • One USB 3.0 (type A)
  • One SD card slot
  • One CF card slot
  • 12, 16, or 20TB capacity

Check it out in my live stream, starting at 20:50. You can watch the drive's promo video here

5. Premiere Pro will transcribe for you!

Digital Anarchy has a new transcription plugin that will automatically transcribe your video within Premiere Pro! This will be a game changer as it will cut out endless transcript edits by giving you 96% accuracy on your project's audition. Here are some of the features:

  • It will be a Premiere Pro Panel, so you can can click on a word in transcriptive and hit play to hear the exact word as it was spoken in your timeline.
  • You can make edits to the transcript in the Transcriptive Panel using the built-in editor. 
  • You will be able to export the transcript as captions out to .SRT, .VLT, .STL and text file documents so you can attach them to social media. 

It'll be entering beta mid-may, so you can pre-order it soon here. 

6.  Remove objects in your video! 

You're filming the perfect shot—and then someone wanders right into it. No worries, fayOUT by fayteq lets you remove unwanted objects from video. Using the camera tracking engine called fayIN, fayOUT lets you trace and remove objects. It's not yet available, but you can sign up for updates here.  To learn more about fayIN, watch my latest tutorial here: 

7.  Production music tailored for you 

De Wolfe Music has over 80,000 tracks covering all musical genres from 12 music production labels.

If you mention Premiere Gal to De Wolfe Music, they'll hook you up, making sure to create a plan/package that works best for your organization. 

9. BorisFX Sapphire Units have arrived

BorisFX recently announced the arrival of Sapphire Units, which break up the larger effects package into individual units. An affordable option for individual artists, editors, and compositors, here's what you can get: 

  • Adjust ($195): Get basic tools for stylized color grades and advanced color correction.
  • Lighting ($595): Flawlessly simulate natural and synthetic lights.
  • Blur + Sharpen ($395): Defocus or sharpen images and create fast, realistic in-camera blurs. 
  • Distort ($395): Create lens distortion effects, shake effects, and more. 
  • Stylize ($395): Get grades, damaged looks, and high-quality video treatments. 
  • Render ($295): Enhance your work with textures, gradients, cloud, and sky effects.
  • Transitions ($595): Get 50+ of the best transitions. 
  • Time ($295): Slow down or speed up your footage with Sapphire Optical Flow re-timer. 

Read more here.

10. You need Network Attached Storage (NAS)

If you work on a small team or if there are only two of you, you need to check out the EVO Prodigy Desktop by Studio Network Solutions (SNS). This device in conjunction with Sharebrowser, the easy-to-use asset management software, enables two users to share and organize video seamlessly. Plus, you'll have the benefits of RAID (data redundancy) and cloud integration. Here are some key features: 

  • 4-bay unit for 3.5" drives, delivering up to 32TB of capacity
  • (2) gigabit ethernet ports
  • Search, tag, preview, and verify media with ShareBrowser
  • Project locking for Premiere Pro and cloud integration with Adobe CC 

Read more here and you can re-watch my LIVE interview below with SNS on the NAB 2017 show floor. 

11. Go to Post|Production World Online! 

If you were unable to make it to Post|Production World at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, no worries! Just enroll in PPW Online, happening June 1–3 2017! It includes 60+ live and interactive video training sessions that will be recorded and available to watch up to 45 days after the event. 

Watch this sneak peak webinar with Eran Stern. Sign up for Post | Production World (PPW) Online and use code GAL17 to get 10% off!

12. Ergonomic roller mouses will blow you away! 

In addition to the ShuttleProV2, Contour Design makes a sweet ergonomic roller mouse to make carpal tunnel syndrome go away!  Below, watch the second half of my interview with Patrick Garrington of Contour Design (the first half can be viewed here, starting at 18:49). 

13. Depth of field in 360˚ Video

In my interview with Chris Bobotis, co-founder of Mettle, we discussed a new product they're working on to give users the ability to control depth of field in 360˚ video. In other words, how to control the focus of the camera. Mettle started as a production studio in 1992,  and to support a client, they developed a 360˚/VR video plugin—they never thought it would take off the way it has! Below, watch my full NAB 2017 interview with Chris.