3 Key Takeaways from Day 3 at #NABshow

1. iPhone 6 iOgrapher Kits produces awesome live-stream quality! 

I completed my first of three live-streams I'm running here at #NAB2017 with FilmConvert & Soundstripe. To run the live-stream I used an iPhone 6 camera with an iOgrapher case and fish eye lens attachment. I also have a portable and USB rechargeable Manfrotto Lumimuse on-camera light. I screwed on my iOgrapher case to a compact manfrotto tripod to keep it steady. I used the SwitcherGo mobile app to connect directly to my YouTube channel. The application also lets you preloaded media to use in your stream, such as graphics or videos that you can cut to when you want to break from audio or show something else previously prepared. It's like a very simplified, user friendly, and mobile version of OBS.

For audio, I used a wireless Samson HXD1 handheld mic and connected it to my iPhone 6 using a lightening to USB adaptor.  For connectivity, I just used my iPhone 6 4G network for the stream -- and I have to say, it was the best quality I've seen on a stream since I started streaming in January! The reason I didn't use the WiFi network at the convention center is because it is terrible, it is the worse connection I've ever seen. Slightly disappointing for one of the biggest media conferences in the world!

You can re-watch the stream below and tune in tomorrow at 2pm -4:15pm for my live-stream special in South Hall at #NABshow and enter my lottery to win $3k in prizes

2. Future Media Concepts offers free classes on the show floor!

In South Hall, Future Media Concepts runs a booth called Post|Production World, where certified trainers teach 30 minute to 60 minute classes in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut X and more! If your down near the exhibits you should definitely drop in for a class and get up to speed! Some highlights from classes I attended today:

3. I spoke on a Post|Production World Panel: Creating Inclusive Work Environments!

I was honored to be on a panel with Christine Steele, Kylee Peña, and Kim Marshall moderated by Amy Delouise called "Creative Business: Creating Inclusive Work Environment." We all came from a diverse array of production and post-productive backgrounds which created an extremely dynamic conversation on best practices for sustaining and developing a diverse and inclusive team. And this means, not just gender diversity, but also video accessibility and skill-set spectrums. Here are some key takeaways:

  • It is important to have short-term and long-term mentors. Don't wait for someone to mentor you, ask for mentorship! 
  • Mentorship is two-way and should be symbiotic -- you should learn from each-other!
  • Make sure your content is accessible. Does your video platform allow for close-captions, or do you need to burn close-captions into your video. 
  • Kylee Peña has a list of female editors who can speak at your conference. Contact her!
  • Disney is implementing a flexible work schedule for women who need to go on maternity leave and then return back to to work. 
  • My team is hiring, so contact me for more info!