Soundstripe - Unlimited Music for Filmmakers

At Soundstripe we believe in unlocking value by eliminating barriers in the creative economy. Our goal is to bring working creative communities together and provide access to quality music for film without the need to sell plasma to pay for the license.
— Chris Small, Director of Online Marketing at SoundStripe 

My favorite part about SoundStripe is that they make the music discovery process so easy for video editors. The  design of their search engine for music is unlike any other I've seen. It's so intuitive! It let's you choose a pacing, such as fast paces, moderately paced or slow paced, a mood, such as aggressive or happy, and a genre, such as acoustic or jazz. This is what the start of the search looks like: 

You can also browse music by clicking on pre-curated mood playlists, like this:

If you are a filmmaker and need access to affordable and unlimited music, SoundStripe is the place to go. You can use my promo code GAL10 and get 10% off the Soundstripe service.

Unlimited Music for Filmmakers. $15/month.