7 Video Production Resources to Follow

1. Filmmaking Lifestyle.

Want to set up a video production business? Filmmaking Lifestyle is the place to go for tutorials and guides on how to do just that. 

2. No Film School.

From script development to post-production, go to No Film School to engage with a fantastic community of filmmakers, video producers, and creatives sharing their knowledge and skills. 

3. ProVideo Coalition.

ProVideo is an award-winning site where you can learn about production, post, multi-distribution film, online, mobile, and broadcast environments. Based in Hollywood, they right there in the pulse of the industry.

4. Hurlblog.

Created by Shane Hurlbut—a Director of Photography, ASC member, and Academy Member—Hurlblog features the latest trends for camera, lens, and lighting, as well as tips for achieving particular looks. Also, check out his store for courses on lighting green screens, night interiors, and much more. 

5. Pond5.

Pond5 is a one-stop shop for stock video, photos, and illustrations. They also have a blog where cinematographers, aerial videographers, and post-production pros write about their experiences and provide tutorials. 

6. Motion Array.

Motion Array is a subscription-based marketplace for professionally-made stock video and templates for After Effects and Premiere Pro. They also have an extremely useful blog where they give out freebie templates and offer resources for creating your own post-production assets. 


7. Wipster

Get tips on how to better communicate with your video team, advice on filmmaking, learn strategies for video marketing, and more. Wipster offers a wealth of articles and webinars for creatives!