Review of 360˚ Video Cameras Coming soon!

B&H sent me three loaner 360˚ video cameras to test this weekend: Samsung Gear 360 4k, Insta360 ONE 360 4k camera, and the Ricoh Theta V 360 4k cameraRicoh TA-1 3D Microphone.

Aspects of the cameras that I will be testing and comparing. 

  • 4k quality and sharpness
  • White Balance
  • 360˚ Live Stream quality
  • Editing software
  • Audio quality
  • Syncing speed with mobile phone apps (if applicable)
  • Storage capability
  • Battery Life

Is there anything you want me to test specifically that you want to know? Contact me. In addition to publishing a video on my YouTube Channel, I'll be writing a full blog on the camera review for Pond5 next week.

Note: I'm a B&H partner. They send me free stuff to review and if you like the products and use my affiliate links top purchase the item, it helps me continue to make more content on my YouTube channel.