The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro - Book Review

This book is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their video editing knowledge and edit faster. If you have a question, this book will solve it. It has 20 pages of index to make it easy for you to look up professional tips on any subject, from masks, to nesting, templates, compression, sound editing and more! You no longer need Google search, just use the book's index to find your answer. Not only does it offer advice on best workflows, but it answers the tough questions, such as "How low can you go?" for video compression, how to troubleshoot errors, how to remove noise from video and much more.

It also breaks down, in common language, what effect parameters actually mean. I've always wondered what the Ultra Key effect's "pedestal" parameter did and now I know! (page 741 breaks down each Ultra Key parameter). It builds your knowledge giving you a greater understanding of how Premiere Pro was engineered for the professional editor.

Since PremierePro is in constant development, Jarle notes that he will be posting updates to extend the life of the book at