Palette Gear and My Memories of 16mm Film Editing

Film is a dying medium, everything is digital. One of my favorite film moments was editing 16mm film in college. It took so long and it made me so grateful for Final Cut 7 (software I used at the time). But there was something about film editing, splicing two physical frames together, that made me had a greater appreciation for film as a whole.  

When I edit my videos with my expert palette gear kit, it brings me back to 16mm film. I’m able to get part of the tangible and physical sense of film editing back.  With palette I can cut by simply pressing a button, I change a clips opacity with a slider, I can also grade my footage using sliders and knobs as opposed to clicking my mouse.  it’s much more tactile, bringing that intimate, physical interaction I love about editing. It actually saves me a lot of time and helps me achieve the creative look I need faster. Watch my video below.