The Most Accurate Auto-Transcription Tool For Premiere Pro

Digital Anarchy's latest plugin, Transcriptive, uses AI (artificial intelligence) to auto-transcribe your videos inside of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Transcribing has always been a mundane and slow process, but now you can process a transcript at 95% accuracy in just minutes. I produced a three part series in partnership with Digital Anarchy to introduce you to how Transcriptive works. Watch below.

1. Speech Engine with 95% Accuracy

Once installed, you can open up Transcriptive as its own panel from Window > Extensions. Transcriptive comes with two engine options for speech analysis, Speechmatics and Watson. Speechmatics has 95% accurancy and costs only $0.07 per minute and it comes with 60 free minutes of transcription. Watson is a little less accurate, but comes with 1,000 free minutes and then after that it is $0.02 per minute. Watch this first below below to learn how it works inside of Premiere Pro.

2. Find Sound Bites Fast

Once Transcriptive processes your transcription, you can then use the data, the words, to easily find information in your video. For example, if you have a long interview you can search by keyword and since the transcript is time-coded you can find your sound bite in seconds. Watch the video below to see how it works. 

3. Boost your Video's SEO

You can also export your transcript as a closed captioning file which you can attach to your video on YouTube and Facebook. When you add captions to YouTube, the transcript, the captions, become searchable in Google's search engine. Meaning that your video now is more accessible to people searching for content online. Watch below to see how it works.