Immersive Video: VR/360 in Premiere Pro CC (October 2017) | Adobe Creative Cloud

In this video I show you how to use the new Immersive Video effects and transitions released in the latest update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 in October 2017. The new updates make it possible for you to edit 360˚ video with ease and without purchasing any plugins.

Scrub through the video below to learn a specific 360 video effect:

  • 1:35 - I show you how to enable VR display in the program monitor
  • 2:07 - Learn how to change the 360 starting point view your viewer will see when they first enter your video, aka the rotate sphere effect.
  • 3:00 - Learn how to project text in your 360 video
  • 4:51 - Learn how to add transitions between two 360 clips
  • 5:45 - Learn about the corrective 360 immersive video effects, such as the VR sharpen tool, which can sharpen your image