The Best Video Editing File & Folder Organization

Ever find your video project folders getting disorganized? Tired of re-naming files as FINALFINAL.mp4 or THISISREALLYTHEFINALVIDEO.mp4? I know, we've all been there. Video editing takes a ton of time (and patience), but organizing your files can make it so much faster! In the past year,  my colleague and fellow awesome editor, Adam Lee, introduced me to a folder template structure that made me so much more productive!

I keep a copy of this template folder on my desktop and just copy it over to a new folder each time I start a new project. Below you can download the project folder template for free to use on your own projects. But to give you a preview of how it works, here is an overview and how you can build on it. 

  • 01 Project Files
    • 01 Premiere (save your Premiere Pro Project Files here)
    • 02 After Effects (save your After Effects Project Files here)
    • You can also make a "03 Photoshop" or "04 Illustrator" if you happen to work with additional software as well. 
  • 02 Media
    • 01 Video
      • Within this folder I'll make additional folders like "01 Day 1" or "01 Card 1" etc.
    • 02 Audio
      • 01 Recorded Audio
      • 02 Music
      • You can also add a folder for SFX.
    • 03 Photos
    • 04 Graphics
  • 03 Exports
    • 01 AE Exports (For exported After Effects comps)
    • 02 Rough Cuts
      • I name my rough cuts like this, "01projectname_roughcut" , "02projectname_roughcut" and so on. 
    • 03 Final Cuts
      • I name my final cuts like this. "01projectname_finalcut", "02projectname_finalcut" and so on.
  • 04 Documents
    • 01 Model Releases
    • 02 Scripts
    • 03 Shot List
    • You can also add additional folders if needed.
  • 05 Final Assets
    • I use this folder to place all final video assets, such as the final video export, thumbnails, closed captions etc. 

 Let me know how it works for you!