The Best Music for Video

As a YouTube creator and a freelancer I mainly use SoundStripe and AudioJungle for my Premiere Gal tutorials and client videos as they provide a diverse range of sound at a low cost.  But the truth is that not one site will always fit your music needs for every project.  In fact, I tend to jump around several sites until I find the exact track I'm looking for in a video.

Here is a detailed list of all my favorite video music sources I have use for both royalty free and copyright free music. I divide up my recommendations by (1) free resources (creative commons), (2) subscription music libraries, and (3) pay per track music licensing companies. 

Free with Creative Commons licensing. 

Free Music Archive - Most songs in FMA are free to use by individuals for non-commercial purposes. There are some artists and songs you can use for free for commercial purposes, but you still need to give credit to the artist. This means you need to cite the song name, artist, the license, and where you retrieved the song. For example: "Last Call" by Lee Rosevere, CC BY,

AudioNautix -  Features songs in all moods and genres. You can search by genre, mood and pace. All songs on Audionautix are created by Jason Shaw and released under the Creative Commons License 3.0 meaning that you can use the music for any purpose (including commercial) as long as you credit the source by listing the website or credit the song with "music by"


NoCopyrightsSounds  Music categories include Chillstep, Drum&Bass, Drumstep, Dubstep, Electronic, Future Bass, Hardstyle, House, Indie Dance, and Trap. All music is to use by independent creators and their User Generated Content (UGC) on YouTube and Twitch, BUT if you are a commercial organization you need to contact NCS at if you want to use their track. 

Requires monthly payment

SoundStripe $15 per month. You can get unlimited royalty free music for video for just $15 per month. There is no legal "mumbo-jumbo" you can use the music for any time of video, and you can get 10% off with my code: GAL10. It has a sweet design and easy to navigate search system that I love. You can build your own playlists and favorite tracks too.

ProductionCrate $4 per month. For just $49 per year you can access unlimited production assets including music, sound effects, visual effects, overlays and motion graphics. They also offer some freebies! 

Motion Array $24/month and you can get up to 4 downloads per month and access to the unlimited library. And this is not just music exclusive you will also get access to cutting-edge After Effects and Premiere Pro templates (e.g. logo reveals) that you can use in your projects. The best part is, is that most of the templates are cut-to and edited to the beats of the songs they have in their collection, so if you download the song with their template, it will make your life a whole lot easier! $11 - $20 per month.  With just a small monthly fee you can access high-quality unlimited music licenses for your video productions. If you are creator, using my link you can get unlimited licenses for just $99 per year (instead of $129) and if you are a professional, you can use my link to get unlimited licenses for $199 per year (instead of $249). 


Pay Per Track

AudioJungle (varies between $7-$20 per song) AudioJungle is part of Envato Market. It contains more than just songs, but music packs, jingles, sound effects, and sfx packs. They really have everything you need at a low cost! This is my go-to pay-per-track source. 

Foxi Music $18 per track. You will find a wide variety of royalty free music, from motivational, tech, cinematic, action and more. You can also get 15% off using my code below. 

Mirror Mirror Music $25 per track Is a great source of royalty free music including, folk, corporate, electronic, dance, ambient and rock tracks. You can also get 10% using my code below: 


Amazing Music Tracks $39 - $189 per song.  If you are a YouTuber or hosting your video on the web a music license costs $39, but if you are using the music for non-web and it is income generating the enhanced license costs $189. You can also find some free tracks or get a subscription model on Amazing Music Tracks. Get 10% off with my code: GAL10

MusicBed $199 per song. Musicbed is a perfect library for authentic, folk, cinematic, rock, indie and pop music. Coming in August 2018 they will be releasing a subscription licensing model that will cater to YouTubers and single creators.  

PremiumBeat $49 - $199 per song. You just pay once and the song is yours forever! They have a wonderfully curated site with heaps of playlists by mood and genre. They also have sound FX packages!

Audio Network $8 - $599 per song. Depending on what type of entity you are and your intended use of the song, the music track will vary in price. If you are a single use, commercial creator, a track is just $8, but if you are a using the song for a single TV show it will cost $150. One HUGE benefit of using Audio Network is their Premiere Pro CC panel.  Using the Panel in Premiere Pro CC, you can search, license and download your track from within Premiere Pro. No hassle of searching online! Watch my video on Audio Network: 


If you have any questions about music licensing for your video, I'm happy to assist. Leave a comment below!