Day 1 at #AdobeMax, Shout it Out Loud: Social Publishing Panel!

There were SO MANY amazing new projects and updates demoed during the opening #AdobeMax Keynote. To name a few:

  • Adobe Spark Post now has the ability to adapt existing designs into the social media platform dimensions you need. So no more need to make new custom designs for each platform as it will do it for you! This will save heaps of time! 
  • Project Felix! In Felix, you will be able blend the power of design with photography. Zorana, Photoshop Senior Product Manager who was demoing Felix in the keynote, said, "it's a tool for designers to create photo realistic imagery." Let's you combine the power of photoshop with 3D modeling! You can import 3d layered objects from Adobe Stock, adjust the size, color and even add a 2d background image to the design. The beta version will be released in December 2016. 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 is now available! This includes the new Social Publishing Pane beta, will be released at end of year in beta (I talk more about it below).  You can read about all the updates here.
  • Adobe XD collaboration updates! I'm not a UX designer, but after the demo of Adobe XD I'm sold on trying it out! Essentially, XD is a way for designers to create apps and web design at rapid speed. In the new XD, you can also work on the same project at the same time and you can see who is making edits! The Adobe XD public beta is now available to the public!

And Jason Levine (@BeatleJase), Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe, wowed us with his incredible vocal ability during his presentation on Adobe video tools. Check out a snippet from his Adobe Creative Cloud chant: 

After the keynote, I was able to catch up with Maxim Jago, filmmaker and certified Adobe trainer, about the new Premiere Pro tools he is most excited about. One of which is the forthcoming "Social Publishing" panel (beta) in Premiere Pro. Which is a new streamlined cross-platform video upload and publishing panel. I interviewed Maxim on video, you will be able to hear more about his favorite new tools once #AdobeMax is over (and once I edit the footage) :) 

Premiere Gal and Maxim Jago at his Premiere Pro book signing in the #AdobeMax Exhibit hall.

Premiere Gal and Maxim Jago at his Premiere Pro book signing in the #AdobeMax Exhibit hall.

In the new "Social Publishing" panel, you will be able to add heaps of metadata to the social media platforms you are uploading to, such as tags, thumbnails and even track your analytics from within Premiere Pro. The public release of the beta will not be available for about 3-4 weeks, but you can sign up for the private beta here.

In the afternoon, I took two courses on tips & tricks in After Effects. One by Ian Robinson and the other by Luisa Winters. On a side note, both Ian and Luisa are based in the D.C. area with me! So many trainers from D.C. Proud to have some fellow D.C. representation! Here are some After Effects tips from their sessions that I shared on Twitter: 

I was able to meet Sara Dietschy (Peachy), YouTuber & Adobe Creative Resident, and take her session "Cutting Through the Clutter on YouTube." It was a great presentation! She told us how she was able to grow her YouTube channel using three methods:

  1. Collaboration: Provide value to another person's audience and gain a small fraction of their following. Be sure to collaborate with people whom you can offer something to. The collaboration has to be mutually beneficial.
  2. Organic Discovery: Teach people! Create content that people want to learn. "How to..." videos are ways to get more clicks and help people learn at the same time. Also, personality matters. people want to know the YouTube creator and develop a relationship with the creator. So while your first goal should be to create valuable and educational content, your second should be to become a person people want to listen to! 
  3. Viral Video: To make a viral videos you need good timing, talent, and a little bit of luck. Sara recommended to give your audiences a call-to-action as well. Let them know if you want your video to be recognized by a famous YouTuber or that you want your video to go viral. Never underestimate the power of your following, no matter how small it is! Involve them in your goals makes your audience a are part of your community and brand. You can also try using click bait titles to make videos go viral or adding the titles of other popular videos as tags on your own YouTube videos. This will link your video with videos people are already watching and in turn give you more opportunities for viewership. 
Jarle Leirpoll  (Adobe Trainer & founder of PremierePro.Net) and Premiere Gal 

Jarle Leirpoll  (Adobe Trainer & founder of PremierePro.Net) and Premiere Gal 

There were so many other great moments from Day 1 at Adobe Max and I look forward to sharing more! Expect some videos next week! I even recorded a exclusive interviews with Jason Levine (whom some of you call #AdobeJesus), Jarle Leirpoll (PremierePro.Net andAdobe Master Trainer from Norway), and Luisa Winters (Adobe Master Trainer). I look forward to sharing more of my #AdobeMax experience with you!  

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