Feeling Thankful? Nominate a #PremiereGal

Since I've launched Premiere Gal, one of my goals has been to create a platform to showcase and honor the awesome video production work produced by all my fellow #PremiereGals out there! I've created a form on my home page where you can nominate a #PremiereGal of the month. It's an opportunity to shine a light on someone who goes that extra mile and inspires you. If you know of anyone out there that deserves to be featured on the Gal blog. Nominate! (Form located at bottom of homepage)

Since it is the day of thanksgiving and all, I thought why not give thanks to those who have nominated Gals and celebrate the nominees for doing the rock star work they do everyday? Let's celebrate and give thanks. 

Ian McLaughlin, Post-Production Director of Chief Productions, nominated Katie Walters for her fabulous and detail orientated post-production work at Chief Productions based in Manchester, UK. He wrote: 

"Katie is an amazing assistant and editor. She loves Premiere and works above and beyond her job role and even works in her spare time. Katie is musical and creative, and has championed the switch to Premiere over FCP 7 in our department at Chief Productions, Manchester. Katie uses Premiere from Ingest to delivery. She assists on documentaries, cuts commercials and music promos. Her work is excellent. She promises to be one of Chief's best editors and as a young woman in a predominantly male workforce, she deserves some recognition of her talent and for the hard work she has done so early in her career." 

Can we get a huzzah! Well, done. Katie. And thank you for being such an amazing representation for all the Premiere Gals out there. Keep working hard and I look forward to featuring your work on Gal! 

Vicky Ryder of CodeBass.Net also nominated Katie Toomey, a broadcast video editor based in North Carolina.  Vicky said: 

Katie Toomey,  KatieToomey.Com

Katie Toomey, KatieToomey.Com

"Talented and down to Earth gal who writes great articles (like this). And supports women-in-tech. Great role model and has been helpful to me personally."

Thank you, Katie for being awesome and supporting women in tech! A big Huzzah to you. I'd love for you to write for Gal :) 

If you know of anyone else that deserves at nomination fill out the form on our home page, at the bottom. Thank you and have a great thanksgiving :)