Easiest Sky Replacement in #PremierePro

That's right. You can create a sky replacement using the Title Tool in Adobe Premiere Pro. Jarle Leirpoll, creator of PremierePro.Net & author of "All The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro" demoed this during #AdobeMax2016. I tweeted about it and you all asked for a tutorial on it. So here it is, enjoy! Before you watch, Jarle messaged me, "I don't normally bother to make a detailed mask on the Sky title as you did. I just set the Color Stop Opacity of the two lower corners to 0% and find a blending mode that works. Sometimes I will create a very rough mask, but that's very seldom." He also noted that it is possible to add this sky replacement technique to a moving camera shot, but you need to make the title rectangle bigger than the frame and animate it using Position, Scale and Rotation. The rectangle also needs a very soft gradient. I won't hold you up any longer, so go ahead and watch it in action :) 

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