Join Premiere Gal's Crowdfunding Effort!

That's right! Premiere Gal has launched her official Patreon page to help crowd fund her effort to create free video editing and production tutorials for everyone. Premiere Gal's video tutorials started as just Premiere Pro video editing basic tutorials, but they have evolved to include general tips on how to be a successful video producer in today's global society. 

But what is Patreon? How does Patreon work?  This hand-drawn video, by Patreon, explains it well. 

Basically, Patreon allows for an organization's viewers or patrons to donate any amount they want to an artist. It is a form of crowdfunding like KickStarter, but instead of one single donation, patron's donations recur monthly. It's a fun and generous way for fans to "tip" an artist and creator, monthly, for their work, just like you would tip a waiter for their service!

Right now, Premiere Gal is a labor of love, but Premiere Gal knows there is so much potential to grow and to become a leading resource for learning & accessing video production tools

What are Premiere Gal's Patreon Crowdfunding Goals? Premiere Gal's goal is to crowd-fund $6,000 per month from Patrons. With the power of the fans across the globe, Premiere Gal knows we can raise this amount. This can happen if 1,200 people around the world pledge to give $5 per month. That's like buying a grande latte at Starbucks, right? Instead, put that $5 towards an effort to create free editing tools for emerging new filmmakers around the globe! How cool would that be? Plus you can get some awesome rewards. Check them out here. 

Your generous donations will go towards the following:

  • Development of Web, Design & Branding materials. 
  • Creation of new tutorial videos & courses for the Premiere Gal YouTube channel, this includes editing and production costs. 
  • Recruitment of new bloggers and video editors for the Premiere Gal channel. 
  • Accessibility. Close-captioning video content takes times and money! 
  • Research & Education. What editing & production techniques do people want to learn? How best to teach it?

Even if you cannot join this effort monetarily you can help spread the message on social media! You can join Premiere Gal's Thunderclap campaign to help get the word out. 

Thank you all in advance for supporting Premiere Gal's mission to provide free online video editing and video production tools online, here is a "Thank you" video message from Premiere Gal herself: