Premiere Gal YouTube channel launched on July 27, 2016, it now has 70,000 views, 1,500+ YouTube subscribers and growing at around +400 subs per month! It is exciting time to become a partner and sponsor in Premiere Gal. Why should you become a sponsor?

  • Premiere Gal is a unique brand. How often do you see a woman and her pup sitting on a couch telling you about best video editing practices? Likely not often. 99% of video editing tutorials online are done by men and are sometimes intimidating to beginners. Premiere Gal makes it easy. Makes the process of learning fun and explains everything!
  • Premiere Gal will turn my viewers and followers into a buyer and fan of your product or service!


  • Sponsor Web Ads  - Your logo will be added to this page, homepage and on select blog posts. 
  • Sponsor YouTube Elements  - Get a YouTube element at the end of a video.   
  • Sponsor a Blog - Gal can write for you or we can write about you on our blog. 
  • Sponsor a Video  - Premiere Gal loves to create videos on products and services you create and make them easy to understand. 

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