Meet Mae Manning, a new Gal Video Editor!

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It was the way certain scenes were the beats of the music that made my heart flutter...
— Mae Manning, Gal Video Editor & Lead Editor at GASM Media

I'm super proud to introduce you all to another contributor to the Premiere Gal YouTube channel, Mae Manning. Mae is currently the Lead Editor at GASM media in Atlanta, Georgia. Mae started feeling a better sense of confidence about being a woman in the film industry (especially post production) when she found Premiere Gal on Twitter. And this is exactly our goal here at Gal! Gal is grateful and honored to have Mae who will now be volunteering her time to make #PremierePro editing tutorials for the Gal channel. Her first tutorial will be on Film Impact transitions, coming soon! Learn a little more about Mae and how she became a video editor in our interview below:

Gal: So Mae, what interested you in becoming a video editor? 

Mae: When I was much younger, I had a more mature attitude towards film than most of my friends. I mean, I didn't just like movies. I found reasons to appreciate them because film was the thing I was always most interested in and I figured it would be where I would want to make my career once I grew up. But although I loved everything about the industry, I could never put my finger on which department it was that I really wanted to work in. That uncertainty all melted away the moment I first saw the trailer for the movie ‘300’. I had finally realized that it was the way certain scenes were cut, sped up and/or transitioned to the beats of the background music that made my heart flutter and sometimes brought me to tears. That was the moment I realized it was editing that I had been in love with all this time and I finally knew what it was that I wanted to pursue.       

Gal: Isn't that a great feeling? Ironically, I also fell in love with 300 too. I did a remake of the 300 "This is Sparta!" scene for my high school slideshow. It was so fun to recreate such an amazing scene. What is your favorite piece of work that you have edited and why? 

Mae: Dice Lords. Every episode of Dice Lords. I have been editing comedy for a long time, but the director for Dice Lords wanted a very specific pace of cutting that I have never done before so it was a new challenge - and I nailed it haha. We worked so hard on that show in post, I mean I don’t even want to tell you how many all nighters were pulled in that bay. But it was all totally worth it and I am so proud to have my name on that show.
This is a link to a playlist of all 6 episodes: 

Gal: And we are lucky to have you! So what interested you in contributing tutorials to Gal?  

Mae: I first came across Gal on Twitter and once I learned more about why it was started and who it helps, I thought “man...that’s a great idea” and I always try to find ways I can contribute to ideas I think are great. I can’t even begin to tell you how many video tutorials I have watched that helped me out, and knowing I can help someone else out is really a great feeling. Why would I NOT want to return the favor, ya know? 

Gal: And what types of tutorials should we all expect from you on the Gal channel?

Mae: Definitely some plug-in tutorials. There are so many out there that are available and can help editors in unbelievable ways, but they can sometimes be hard to find and/or even harder to use at their full potential. I’d also love to do some tutorials based on different types of workflows I use for different types of media, tips and tricks, updates, reviews, and maybe something specific to Windows editors or a tutorial on PC builds/building a PC.  

Gal: What is your specialization when it comes to editing? What is the one thing people would say you do best?

Mae Manning, Dice Lords Premiere

Mae Manning, Dice Lords Premiere

Mae: Montages/Reels/Music Videos/Trailers. Basically anything that involves clips cut to music. It makes since when you remember that the thing that made me fall in love with editing in the first place was an awesome movie trailer.

Gal: When did you start editing with Premiere Pro?

Mae: Day one. When I was hired on by the production company I’m with now, they said “We cut out of Premiere Pro. Have you used that before?” my reply was no, so they hired me on and gave me a course. All my experience in Premiere Pro is from just getting in the program and using it for myself. 

Gal: What other tools and software do you use when you edit?

Mae: Big fan of the dynamic link between After Effects and Premiere, and I also use the heck out of Media Composer. I also use Resolve and Magic Bullet for coloring as well as Audition or Audacity for any sound work that is needed.   

Gal: That's awesome. I think the Adobe Creative Cloud dynamic link feature really helps us edit fast! What is your favorite tool in Premiere Pro?

Mae: Oh man. that’s a really hard question….but probably the Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence tool. I work a lot on multi-cam shoots and the ability to create a multi-cam source with just one click is a HUGE time saver.  

Gal: I think a lot of people will find a tutorial on the multi-camera source sequence from you, very useful! Is there a current favorite film or television show that you would recommend to us for editing?

Mae: Always Jaws. Jaws is one of the greatest films ever edited. If someone doesn’t really know what exactly editing in a movie can do to an audience, I tell them to watch the ‘Get out of the water’ scene from Jaws and when they feel that anxiety/panic/suspense feeling that something bad is about to happen but don't know when it will (even if they’ve seen the movie before) I tell them that it's editing that does that to you. You’re welcome.   

Gal: Haha. Yes! I even get the chills just thinking about that sequence from Jaws! Do you find that when you watch films or TV you are constantly breaking down the shots and editing techniques?

Mae: Haha! Yes. Thankfully it is not enough to ruin movies for me (sometimes). And some of the techniques I will attempt myself, which is crazy helpful. But if I watch a movie that has incredible editing, I kind of “fan girl out” and it can be really annoying to people I’m watching said movie with - especially if they don’t know much about editing in the first place. Basically I’m saying, you wouldn’t want to ever watch Jaws with me.   

Gal: What are your hobbies outside of work?

Mae: My schedule is a pretty full one as I am also a single mother to a six year old princess, so my outside work hobbies are all along the lines of Girl Scouts, gymnastics classes and elementary school plays. For myself though, I’m a craft/DIY junkie. I’m addicted to Pinterest and all my gifts are handmade (but like, they’re the kind of handmade gifts you’d actually WANT to get).   

Gal: That's great! I love crafts too. Especially upscaling old products and goods that no longer have a use. Anything else?

Mae: Nope. Just stoked to be a part of Gal is all :D

Gal: And I'm stoked to have you! If you want to contribute to Gal as a blogger or editor, fill out the application from our team page. Thanks! 

You can follow Mae's work on Twitter, Instagram, IMDB and on her website.